Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chicken involtini

There are times when a man must show off his primal skills of cooking. This was one of those times:
I was right in between physics class and work. I needed something tasty but fast. What to do? I noticed i still had some thin sliced prosciutto left over from the night before. I had some Provolone cheese, boneless skinless chicken breasts and some fresh basil growing in the garden. Was this pre planned? No, i just happen to have the stuff. Have i been waiting a while to try this out? yes!

I first started off by pounding the chicken to about 1/4th inch thickness. I seasoned with salt and pepper. Once seasoned, i neatly placed the basil, cheese and prosciutto atop the chicken like so:

Ok, now that you have done this step, i assume the reason your looking at this post is so that you can make this dinner to impress the ladies..Yes?, it is now time to roll the chicken up and tie it down.  Just roll the chicken from thinist part to thickest part and use some un-died yarn or butchers twin to tie the roll up.

The next step is to start your wood fire. Use a chimney to start a half load of Lump charcoal. Get them RED HOT. I have found that using a Hair Dryer will get the coals hot in about 4 minutes. Just please please do not hook up a shop vac to the kettle as shown below:

Once the lump is fully lit and ready to go, wipe the grates down using some olive oil. Grill the chicken until done. You can use an instant read thermometer which will have instructions to what temperature your meats should be cooked to.

When the chicken has finished, place a spoonful of original tomato sauce on a plate. Place the chicken on the sauce and top with fresh chopped basil. Serve hot and enjoy.

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