Saturday, July 21, 2012

A table for two part two

Everyone! I finally finished my kettle and UDS table. After months of planning and finding the required ingredients, it is finally finished. Some of the pieces of wood for the legs had to be spliced together using some homemade metal brackets. haha.

The reason for the splicing is because i originally had another idea in mind for the table, and i cut the legs to the size i designed. However, once again, the bbq brethren came through. I found a thread on there that showed someones table they made. I liked it so much, i created mine off of their picture. Granted, mine is different but it is similar.

Here is the first thing i made on the new table. Some stuffed green peppers.

Im just going to showcase the table in this thread. It will take way to long to document everything and since it is summer, im going to enjoy it. haha


  1. i am very impressed by this. i hope you will read my blog if you like barbecue. sincerely, Big Fat Daddy's

    1. Hey, thanks for the message. I checked out your site. I love the pics of the cars. We have a 1941 chev that has been hot roded to death. haha

      We go to alot of shows here as well. haha.

      i love your cookin rigs and what not. I wish i could get a stick burner. im kind of tired of using charcoal briqs and wood chunks. I wish i could use the mild flavor of just wood. I had a friend who was a national champ at bbq here in utah and he had the cleanest fires ever! He had TBS and it was nice and thin, could barley see it. His food had a mild smoke flavor. you could taste the meat still with a hint of smoke. oh man, it was great. sigh!