Monday, March 12, 2012

The butter of life

One of my favorite things to cook is a nice juicy steak, I prepare my steaks totally differently than most people do. I can make a $4 steak taste like Gucci prime steak. I cook over a extremely hot hot wood fire or gas fire using my grillgrates product. (

 Usually, if i am cooking just for the misses and I, i will use the a half full charcoal chimney and place that right over the steak. Gives it a great color. However, there are times when i will use a cast iron skillet as the heat source. For this cut, i placed it on a plate, salted very heavily with Kosher salt. Im talkin like a tablespoon of salt. You need to cover the steak with the salt. I let the salt break down the folded proteins and bring balance to the moister of the steak. I let the salt do its magic for about 1 hour. The steak will not be salty in the inside. You may think it will be but it wont. I rinse off the outside because that is salty. I then use the two best seasonings known to man to top the steak... Salt and Pepper.Once the steak is cooked to your desired wellness, top it off with a nice blue cheese compound butter. Mine contains, blue cheese crumbles, soft butter, little garlic powder, some lemon juice. Mix and then roll up in wax paper and chill. Once the steak is removed from the high heat, immediately top it with room temp sliced blue cheese butter.

I use oak for my fire. Here is a beautiful pic of a oak fire a friend of mine started:

Some other ways to cook steak. Cooked this over a fire pit made from a tractor rim.

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